9/11 Song

Failed marriage

Historic Charleston lighthouse

Honey-do Humor

Greatest Generation

Loss of Loved One

Midwinter Blues


They Dared To Dream

They Dared To Dream
(Published by Hal Leonard
Publishing Co and JAVA.)



Social Issues

Welcome Home from War


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    People aren’t always who they seem

    Ballad, Americana,Heartwarming

    True “Greatest Generation” ballad of the “Lost Battalion”

    Americana, Swampy, Sacrifice & Heroism

    True story ballad about a deadly fire in 2007

    Ballad, Story, Heroism

    Headin’ to Nashville to try my luck

    Fun Dance song, Humor

    Written for a musical play

    James Bond type dude

    Carribean, Bosa


    Party Gals

    Country Funk

    Emotions, Fear, Dread

    Groovy, Steely Dan feel, Encouraging

    Puppy Love matures and lasts

    Love ballad, Slow, Duet

    By request for a movie score, & commercials for national jewelry chain.

    Latin flavored love song Love at first sight

    Bosa, Latin

    Friends, Music, Beer, Fun in the low-country

    Americana, Country-Rock

    Midwinter longing for summer song, Hopetown

    Groovy Breezy Steely Dan vibe

    Reference to Hopetown, Abaco, Bahamas

    Rockin' Revelation

    Contemporary Christian Rock

    “Dad” song.

    Petty style soft rock

    A “honey-do” list, couples humor

    Americana, humor

    Engagement butterflies, second guessing

    love ballad, slow


    Dread, fear, paranoia

    Punk Country


    Contemporary Christian

    Aloneness, confusion, seeking song

    Substance, pop country

    Narcissistic Momma’s boy

    Rock n roll, Americana, uptempo

    Great for video

    Lockdown ballad

    Americana, pop country

    Teen tragedy song

    Ballad, sad


    String of bad luck encouragement

    Tom Petty Dylan Americana upbeat

    Rebel song

    Swampy, Hank Jr style

    Aging, grandmother, historic Charleston lighthouse

    Ballad, story

    Composed by request. Professional video. Save The Light Fdn, US Lighthouse Society

    Rebel song, party, drinkin.

    Beer hall waltz Hank Jr style

    A love song. College football, mom 'n dad

    Petty, Traveling Wilburys, Americana

    A “trials of love” song

    Country rock

    Dad raising a son song

    Ballad, soft and powerful

    Male humor


    Birth of Jesus from the Innkeepers eyes


    Christmas Song

    Young couple in love on a tight budget

    Swampy, fun, encouraging, happy

    Regrets song. Failed marriage, bad dad

    Sad, slow, powerfu

    “Noth’n Hotter. . .”

    Rocker, Dance, Humor, Fun

    A wounded warrior song related to traumatic limb loss

    Jazzy rock Steely Dan style.

    Finding a way out of the poverty cycle, humor

    Groovy Beatles-style rocker

    Committed men song

    Christian Rock n roll

    Bad love then awesome love

    Petty style Americana

    Engagement announcement

    Groovy, happy, encouraging, hopeful

    Could become an engagement standard

    Do anything you set your mind to do.

    Kenny Loggins style poprock. Dance tune

    Kick ass concert finale song, Crowdpleaser

    “livin-in-the-past” song

    Pop country, strong chorus, kick butt bridge

    Momma preachin at Junior to straighten himself out

    Dance song. Sock hop or line dance. Fun


    Patriotic. Pro first responders, health care professionals, military. Inspired by Gladiator

    Driving menacing resolute rock

    Honors military and first responders

    Stubborn song, agree to disagree

    Hall n Oates style, jazzy, sax

    Based on biblical descritions and a call to arms

    Menacing, driving, resolute Contemporary Christian

    There's just one way

    Contemporary Christian. Driving rock w an upbeat chorus

    New bride can’t bear to be separated from Momma. Young married couple humor

    Americana, uptempo, country rock

    About the Greatest Generation and also inspired by/applicable to MLK

    Ballad, powerful, stirring

    Sheet music published by Hal Leonard Pub Co

    Lockdown humor

    Americana, humor

    Humorous poke at traditional country music topics

    Country-rock, swampy

    9/11 song written on 9/11/01

    Ballad, sad then strong, resolute, features 6 bars of “America The Beautiful” in the turn

    Worldwide airplay over United Armed Services Radio, centerpiece of hundreds of military band performances. Selected by President George W Bush as the lead-in song at Pentagon re-opening ceremony speech.

    Humorous look at immature prayer life

    Country rock, Dickey Betts style

    Pro-America rah rah

    Americana, upbeat, encouraging

    Married the wrong gal song. “Real love always wins”.

    Americana, mod-tempo, sensitive ballad

    Written by request for a movie score

    A delayed flight waiting for “vips” who turn out to be soldiers returning from the desert. Surprise ending.

    Patriotic, pro-soldier, Americana, story ballad

    Mention of Delta Airlines 757

    “Faded love” song

    Slow, strong chorus

    Dude who can’t stay married or single

    Dance hall rock, moderate tempo

    Traffic stop ending up in smalltown SC jail early on a summer Saturday evening

    Swampy with Petty grove. Humorous “Low Country” story with kicked up ending

    Fun, Funny

    Praise and worship

    Contemporary Christian

    Big Live worship song